I'm Deletta Gillespie, a multidisciplinary performing artist, singer-songwriter and educator who creates musical and theatrical work that focuses on the themes of social change, justice and spirituality.


My work bears the trademarks of my sense of the quirky and absurd as filtered through the lens of my spirituality. On my own, and through collaboration with other artists, my mission is to devise work that serves as a conduit for facilitating dialogue, communication, and understanding between peoples and communities.



Panties UP- Dress DOWN is a collection of stories that convey how a mother converted her daughter's awkward and painful childhood experiences into teachable moments. Told from the daugther's perspective, it is a verbal life instruction manual sprinkled with childhood angst, humor and love.
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Panties UP, Dress DOWN directed by Derek C. Neal
coming to the Charm City Fringe Festival

November 5, 7pm
November 6, 9 pm
November 7, 7:30 pm
November 9, 5 pm

at the Baltimore Theatre Project, 45 W. Preston Street, Baltimore, MD 21201

Tickets $10 at http://charmcityfringe.com/tickets.
Attendees must also purchase a $3 Festival button (for admission to this and all other fringe events)


Having walked away from two record deals over the course of her twenty-plus years in the music industry, singer/songwriter and performing artist Deletta Gillespie finally realized her dream of becoming a recording artist in 2013, and she's done it on her own terms.

Her first outing as a recording artist is called TRIUMPH(ant). The album is an eclectic collection of songs that celebrate triumphing over life's challenges and the lessons learned in that process. The music is firmly rooted in classic r&b and jazz, yet flavored with Gillespie' s favorite musical styles such as reggae, blues, and dance/disco. There' s even an slight nod to the hybrid of African and Celtic music .

Gillespie wrote the music for nine of the ten tracks, and co-wrote lyrics on three of those nine tracks with spoken word artist Shameeka Dream and singer/songwriter Novelair Peele.

Recorded live in front of an audience, the collection of songs on TRIUMPH(ant) are infused with messages of self-empowerment, or of social and spiritual relevance.

Since the cd's release on May 25th, it has garnered international attention, having been featured on the UK's Indie-Music-Network for four weeks straight. It has also been featured on two other podcasts, one in the UK and one in New York.

To purchase the cd -




CD available for $10.


Spring to Life III - TRIUMPH(ant) was held on Sunday June 9 2013, but you can still make contributions to these wonderful organizations -

The Samaritan Women - the only residential facility on the east coast providing long-term care for survivors of human trafficking.

The Spiritual Empowerment Center - Affiliated with Centers for Spiritual Living.

My company, Nu Relik Performance Workshop - more info


October 17 - with the Clockwork Band, Rainmaker's, Lancaster, PA. 9 pm - 1 am.

October 25 - With the Rollex Band - private party.

November 1 - Rollex Band - wedding (private)

November 5, 6, 7, 9 Baltimore Theatre Project Panties UP, Dress DOWN (theatre- solo performance)

November 8 - with the Rollex Band - wedding (private)

November 10 - with The Pakiva Bluz Band - The Republic, Takoma Park, MD. 9 - 11 pm.

November 16 - House Concert at the home of Ginny and Don Robertson. 3:00 pm. Lutherville, MD

November 15 - with The Rollex Band - The Harp, Nottingham, MD 9 pm - 1am.

November 22 - with The Clockwork Band, Lancaster YMCA. Time TBA.

December 6 - with The Clockwork Band. Details TBA.

December 17 - with The Rollex Band, Annapolis Yacht Club. Private.

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